Our Mission, Vision & Values


Our Mission: We exist to do the work of effectively treating depression, anxiety, trauma and other related mental health disorders.

Our Vision: We envision fulfilling our mission by —
Extending the most advanced and effective treatments for depression, anxiety and trauma related disorders to those in need.
Equipping our staff with the necessary means and support to provide this care.
Engaging our greater community with hope to treat the illness of depression, anxiety and trauma.

As a mental health treatment center, Touchstone TMS, has the following values that help define who we are and what our mission and vision in this community is about:

Our Values:
  1. We value the great worth of every person and seek to offer them hope through effective treatments for depression, anxiety and trauma related illnesses.
  2. We seek to make a difference in the lives of individuals and in the community by addressing and treating mental illness.
  3. We are part of the Lakewood and South Puget Sound Community and through our work we seek to positively impact, contribute and give back to this community.
  4. We are part of the mental health provider community and work to partner, connect and foster positive relationships throughout that community. This is to facilitate care of those with mental health needs most effectively, realizing that we are more effective in this goal when we can work with others to this end.
  5. We seek to facilitate wellness in our clinic, in our neighborhoods and the greater community.
  6. We seek to advance the knowledge we gain and share with others in order to have a broader impact on treating mental illness.
  7. We value and respect our staff and view them as our work partners in achieving our vision and mission.